Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this project help me, I do not use a car when I travel through the Route 36 and Thompson Avenue intersection?

A: The proposed project includes additional sidewalk linking the existing sidewalk network on Thompson Avenue to crossings at all approaches of the signalized intersection. Additionally, new sidewalk will connect to existing transit bus stops at the Route 36 and Thompson Avenue intersection.

Q: What is the project timeline?

A: The project is currently in the Concept Development phase. It is anticipated that Concept Development will conclude in Spring 2021. After Concept Development are the Final Design and Construction phases. The timeline of these phases is to be determined based upon funding availability.

Q: Will the project be constructed during off-season?

A: The project will not be restricted to off-season (non-summer). However, NJDOT’s lane closure hours will not permit lane closures during the AM and PM rush as well as weekends on this route during the summer season.

Q: Will the project be constructed during night time hours?

A: The project may be constructed during night time and day time hours. 

Q: How will traffic be maintained during construction/will there be a detour?

A: This project does not require the use of a detour. All work can be performed under staged construction.

Q: How do I coordinate changes with my driveway access?

A: During Final Design, the NJDOT and the design engineer will develop roadway improvements to set the NJDOT Access needs and to eliminate code violations, if possible. The NJDOT will reach out to each affected individual owner, during Final Design, to present and discuss the Access changes to the owner.

Q: What is the Clear Zone?

A: The clear zone is defined as the area starting at the edge of the traveled way that is available for safe use by errant vehicles.

Q: How will the project be funded?

A: This project is eligible for Federal funding through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). 

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